John Pagonis

In case you were wondering...

I have been working for 12 years in the mobile software industry and about 5 years with content recommenders.

I co-founded Pragmaticomm Limited where I developed principally with Symbian OS C++ and Ruby. Since leaving Symbian I have engineered mostly Mobile VoIP systems and later content recommendation systems. In August 2007 I started and enjoyed the open source project of porting the Ruby 1.9 VM to Symbian OS 9.1. In parallel, for academia, I have developed a lot of genetic algorithm machine learning code for text classification and document filtering. Lately I have found myself building Web applications and content recommendation systems at Missum Ltd; another startup, which I co-founded to take advantage of the research done during my PhD.

My experience ranges from communication protocols and infrastructure, security, location based services, operating systems and middleware design to software engineering methodologies, agile coaching, developer consulting, team coaching and organisational improvements.

In 2009 I completed my PhD at the University of Essex, from where I hold an MSc (Hons) in Computer and Information Networks as well as a BEng (Hons) in Computers and Networks.

I used to be a visiting lecturer at City University (London) where I had too much fun teaching evening classes on introduction to programming with plain olde 'C' (and C99:-) and fundamentals of Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Computing. Believe it or not, I also found myselp helping start and supported for the first year the Financial Engineering with C++ evening course at City.

I joined Symbian Ltd. in 1998, where I worked on the development of the Ericsson R380 smartphone and later for the team that developed the Symbian OS Bluetooth stack. Since then I worked on many areas of Symbian OS.

Among other positions at Symbian, I was a member of Symbian's Developer Network and Developer Services team, where I worked as a consultant to developers. I used to keep them happy, among other ways, by writing articles, code and giving seminars and presentations to whoever wanted to learn about developing for Symbian OS mobile phones. Training, presenting and team coaching is something that I still enjoy doing. These days, I sometimes help as consultant organisations with their agile transformation and Scrum practice.

For my PhD I worked in the area of Evolutionary Personal Information Filtering and content-based recommender systems, focusing on the issue of information overload and mobile phones. My PhD thesis is titled "Evolutionary Personal Information Filtering - Combating information overload caused by habitual Web surfing using an evolutionary personal content-based recommender system". Some of my other research interests include embedded and real time operating systems, Virtual Machines, organisational patterns, computer and wireless personal area networks, software engineering, programming languages, wearable and wireless information devices as well as resource constrained systems and user interfaces. Some of those vices I bring to Missum Ltd for fun and profit.

I also believe that it is better when certain things are kept unread ;-).