I have now stopped teaching at City University, this info is here for historic reasons.


About CE1576

I teach 'C' to beginners, in a way that makes it interesting as well as fun to be in class even for non beginners. In class we discuss the fundamentals of 'C' and in fact these of the underlying environments on which so many systems and languages are built upon. We give a lot of emphasis in the basics, so that the students can stand on their feet and later progress on solid foundation by themselves.

Most of my students tend to come from a background when ages ago, they were taught 'C' or 'C++' somehow inappropriately and thus come over to start from the beginning (by which I mean the beginning in 'C' not Fortran or LISP :-).

I also find that some of them are mathematicians and physicists with quantitative finance background or aspirations.

Teaching 'C' these days, as opposed to almost anything else, sounds quite weird and moot to many, until they realise the educational value of actually knowing and appreciating how things work... I say no more come over and we'll have fun:-)

Language disclaimer

I am not a language bigot!

I am a 'C++' programmer, actually a Symbian OS C++ programmer. I also do Ruby and used to do Java (for my PhD work), some ARM assembler and I am also interested in Objective-C and Smalltalk..... and even ISO C0x C++ :-)

I teach 'C' because it is so non-political and basic and because much much much of the software that surrounds us, is based on 'C' ;-)


About CE2506

This is a course for 'C++' developers that really want to appreciate and grok the fundamental paradigms and idioms of Symbian OS C++.

CE2506 is designed to provide developers with the necessary skills and insight to progress on their Symbian OS C++ programming with confidence, whatever their problem domain or user interface. As a matter of fact, the course is indeed application middleware and GUI agnostic, while all examples and exercises may be coded by students on either Series 60 or UIQ SDKs.

I teach this class in order to help developers master the fundamentals from the beginning and help them understand why (not just how) things are the way they are on Symbian OS.

During the class I share a fair amount of my hard earned (approx. 9 years worth of) experience on programming Symbian OS C++

If you are a 'C++' developer looking at appreciating why things work the way they work on Symbian OS and how to make the best of the system's temperament ... come along :-)

Accredited Symbian Developer

This course also provides solid foundations for those interested in the Accredited Symbian Developer certification.

I am an Accredited Symbian Developer.

Accredited Symbian Developer

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